Terms & Conditions

You have been requested to read the terms and conditions carefully before start use of our matrimonial website www.GoMarryGo.com (GoMarryGo), otherwise it will be considered and treated as deemed acceptance from the end user who uses the site.

1. You have been agreeing to use this site, bounded by following terms and conditions are meeting.

2. The GoMarryGo service/scope will be limited to sharing the member profile details for finding the Life Partner, which is mutually agreed upon by each other.

3. GoMarryGo will have all rights to revise the terms and condition any time without any prior intimation to any one of the end user/s or member of this site.

4. This GoMarryGo site should be used as is condition and based on availability. It agreed that sole use this site at your own risk

5. Based on the end user comments/feedback terms and conditions will be updated, In case of any impact noticed by the end user for the terms and conditions change, then they can withdraw services any time by themselves by deleting/deactivate the membership profile from the GoMarryGo.com web site. Due to the changes, no refund will be entertained for the paid members of this website. Also any false or fraud or fake details noticed, then GoMarryGo has entire rights to terminate your membership and full rights to withdraw use the services of GoMarryGo without any refund of any money paid to GoMarryGo. 

6. GoMarryGo will terminate/stop access of any user any time without any notification to end user / members in case of member (he/she) are not meet the GoMarryGo Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy.

7. Entire contents exists in this website is exclusive property of GoMarryGo, This can not be used, copied or reproduced to any mode/method, items like matrimonial profile data, software, Source Code, Text, Images, Logo, Data, etc., For the usage of this above required items, required prior written authentication from GoMarryGo. Also it has been protected by INDIA and INTERNATIONAL copyright laws.

8. GoMarryGo will not provide any guaranty/warranty for the matrimonial match making process for the alliance (life partner) selection/fixing. They have to decide/analyze by themselves and to make proper verification and validation to select/choose/fix their Bride or Groom.

9. This member data can not be reproduced any manner for any kind of judicial or any other purpose

10. Any issues after marriage, GoMarryGo will not be responsible, also the member of GoMarryGo will not produce or use this data as an objective evidence during judicial or any other problem 

11. In case of any issues or problem noticed, during or after the selection of bride/groom, GoMarryGo will not be responsible any manner.

12. For the matrimonial registration process in our website, the Age criteria should be met (18+ female / 21+ for Male)

13. GoMarryGo will supply/share the matrimonial specific details through mail or call to you, in case if you don not want to receive, you can deactivate/delete your profile from GoMarryGo website by yourself.

14. If you are a paid member, at the time of bride or groom search followed by matched profile noticed, then you may try to establish a contact, in this scenario your request has been accepted by other end member, based on this approval process GoMarryGo will supply the contact number, email and other personal data you have been registered voluntarily in GoMarryGo website.

15. After the supply of contact number/email Id and entire profile, on that moment onwards GoMarryGo will not track or follow any telephonic conversation, Email and In personal conversation between the end users (I.e. Bride and Groom). Overall it is an exclusive conversation between the members. Hence GoMarryGo will not have any responsible for any problem or Issues between the members registered.

16. In this above scenario GoMarryGo will not provide any legal solution or support in any manner for any of the members (Paid or Unpaid members)

17. Other end user does not have any interest to talk or establish contact, and then you have to stop the conversation or correspondence in any manner. In case of any issues noticed then GoMarryGo will not be responsible

18. Member profile data of a Male or Female should be used only for to find the Life Partner alone, not for friendship, dating or any other social or personal use.

19. Based on their member interest they can share the photo to other end members, any misuse will be taken care by themselves, GoMarryGo will not responsible for this.

20. Member should upload their recent photograph only. GoMarryGo will not responsible for sharing the old photographs.

21. In case of any abuse or uploading irrelevant image, sexually oriented photos and irreverent profile data content supplied during or after the registration process of members (both paid/unpaid) will subject to allow us to take any type legal action by GoMarryGo. Also will have rights to remove the details from our web site

22. There is no refund will be entertained for any of the package selected by the member, irrespective of any situation, only further extension will be granted (case to case it will vary) for the specified period  (Maximum of one week). It is not compulsory, this period will be decided by GoMarryGo. 

23. Refund will not applicable in case member (he/she) deleted the profile by themselves. Also your membership can not be transferred/adjusted/assign to any other member in any format

24. Until membership expire, they can view others profile followed by able to contact for the period specified in member package page

25. Based on your interest the contact number/personal data has been shared to opposite member, in case of any issues behind this, GoMarryGo will not have any responsible for any manner/aspects

26. GoMarryGo is owing the following domain names, entire mentioned copyrights will be applicable/common for mentioned sites below 
a. www.GoMarryGo.com
b. www.GoMarryGo.in

27. Deleted or deactivated profile can not be retained any point of time

28. Creation of more than one profile will not be allowed, also duplicate profile will be removed by GoMarryGo themselves

29. GoMarryGo uses the third party payment gateways system, hence payment gateway specific issues (like any transaction failure, error, issues, currency conversion charges or deductions specific issues, credit/debit card/On-line payment data leak) shall not responsible for www.GoMarryGo.com

30. Resolution of Dispute: In the event of any dispute, controversy, difference arising and any violation of the terms and condition by the member (he/she) specific arbitration shall be at Coimbatore jurisdiction only. For any disputes that may arise, this will be executed by the member (He/she) as deemed or explicit acceptance for Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu, India. Pin 641037) courts jurisdiction only. 

31. Your credential like user ID and Password should be kept in safe and it has to be changed periodically by yourself. Also please ensure that, you do not disclose this to anyone. In case of any credential specific issue arises GoMarryGo will not be responsible for that

32  In any member in breach of any of the terms and conditions, GoMarryGo has full rights to inactive/block/terminate your profile without any prior notice..

33. In case of any marriage broker or mediator or matrimony website by paying the subscription fee to GoMarryGo, then using the GoMarryGo profiles for their business development will be prohibited fully. Prior written notice, authorisation should be required GoMarryGo. In case of any issue or resolution of dispute will be handled directly by marriage broker or mediator or matrimony website. GoMarryGo will not responsible for this. 

If you have any questions/clarification about this terms and conditions, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, please email (info@gomarrygo.com.) or contact us at.

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